Our Dental Education Team

Our primary educators for Dental clients are Dr. Claudia Martin DDS, and Greg Clarkes, Paramedic. The combination of our team is unique for this type of work. Whether we’re providing CPR to an office, or ACLS to a team of Dentists.

Dr. Claudia Martin DDS – CCEMS Dental Director

Dr. Martin has been practicing dentistry with an interest in IV Sedation. She practices in Edmonton in private practice, and has also been with the University of Alberta Hospital Dental Clinic since 1997. Dr. Martin has taught with the U of A Faculty of Dentistry, and the Faculty of Hygiene. She’s currently a CPR and ACLS Instructor, and also provides emergency dental care at our special events.

Greg Clarkes – President

Greg is a registered Paramedic (Advanced) in Alberta and the USA. He’s been involved in PreHospital care and education since 1986. Greg wrote the initial Medical Emergency Management for Dental Practitioners course 25 years ago, and has always found an interest in helping dental professionals advance their emergency care skills and assessment. He is an Instructor of CPR, ACLS, and a number of other teaching credentialed programmes. Greg has taught courses in over 15 countries, and devotes his energies to improving patient care wherever possible.