As a non-governmental organization based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we’ve been fortunate to experience the growth and prosperity of our amazing province and country. We’ve provided our expertise in training and consultation in the USA, and several other international destinations primarily for industrial clients. Our personnel are registered in their respective health disciplines, and maintain their professional credentials to ensure up-to-date and when possible, evidence-based education and programming.

We work with Industry, Non-Profit Groups, and many Healthcare Professionals needing to maintain their professional continuing education.

Our programs are delivered privately for our clients at their locations, and we offer one-on-one private tutoring at a very reasonable cost with flexible hours, and the decreased stress of working in a large class.

One of our key roles is the delivery of the National Association of EMT’s educational offerings in trauma, medical, and pediatric emergency certificate courses. In fact, Greg Clarkes, our president has been volunteering as the Canadian Coordinator for the NAEMT’s PHTLS, AMLS, and the EPC course since the late 1990’s. He’s also been awarded the Mary-Ann Tally Award for the EMT instructor of the year from the NAEMT. This prestigious award has never been awarded to a Canadian EMS educator before!