Dental Solutions

Our company has been involved in the Dental Education, consulting, and emergency supply business since the 1980’s. Our first introduction to Dentistry was at the University of Alberta Faculty of Dentistry over 30 years ago. We provided CPR training for the entire faculty at that time, and that began a long and enriching relationship.

Since those beginnings we continued to work with the Faculty and created two unique programmes: Airway Management & 02 Therapy for the Dental Practitioner & Medical Emergency Management for the Dental Practitioner (MEMDP). Both programmes were quite successful with Dentists traveling from across Alberta and Canada to attend.

Currently we offer Dental Professionals several services and products. This includes customised education and training programmes, as well as emergency equipment needed under the guidelines established by the Alberta Dental Association & College.

Please refer to either our Dental Training page, or Emergency Medical Kits page for more details.