Training in Dental Con-Ed

We offer several types of training and education for the Dental Team. This consists of customised training for individual practices, and certificate branded courses already created. We also provide private tutoring, and small class CPR & ACLS Courses! This option allows for maximum flexibility in scheduling for Dental team members, without additional costs.

Customized courses include topics such as:

  • Sedation team training
  • Medical emergency scenarios
  • Medical Kit inservice training*
  • Basic and advanced airway management
  • Basic 3 and 12-lead ECG interpretation for Advanced practitioners
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support pre-course tutoring for all components of this daunting certificate course. Please contact us for details on this special course.

* Medical kit inservice training is offered specifically to dental practices that subscribe to our emergency medical kit programme. Offices that lease our medical emergency kits are entitled to annual 1-2 hour in-services focusing on using the kit competently during a medical emergency. Please contact us for further details, and review the Medical Emergency Kit for Dentistry page on this site.

Certificate courses include:

  • CPR for the HealthCare Practitioner
  • 02 Therapy & airway management
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification (ACLS)
  • Medical Emergency Management for the Dental Practitioner (MEMDP)

Continuing Education Credits

We’ve always maintained a good relationship with the three Dental Colleges in Alberta. Courses completed with our College have been accepted for CE since our organisation began.