Advanced Life Support Assistant Programme

In December 2018, after careful planning, we introduced and taught our first Advanced Life Support Assistant Programme. This course was offered to members of an Emergency Response Team (ERT) working in a remote and austere environment. This particular ERT works under a Physician Assistant (PA). As such, they are tasked in assisting the PA in the initial field care, packaging and transportation to the clinic. These “fundamental” skills were supported by their training and education to an EMR level or equivalency.

CCEMS helped create the content specific to their needs in assisting the PA with critical Trauma, Medical, and Cardiac Patients. The course taught the following content:

  • PHTLS Provider Course
  • AMLS Provider Course
  • CCEMS – IV Therapy Course
  • CCEMS – 3 and 12 lead ECG Course
  • CCEMS – Basic, intermediate, and advanced airway course
  • CCEMS – ACLS for BLS Providers Course
  • Megacode testing and assessment

Upon course completion, these students were able to acquire/read common 3-lead/12-lead ECG waveforms, and apply the corrective actions including appropriate medications and/or electrical interventions necessary.

The students also learned the basic of IV-Therapy. This included fluid types, catheter types, infection control, and how to start, maintain, and troubleshoot IV’s. Each student was able to successfully demonstrate an IV start in the class.

Shock was reviewed extensively in this course. We spent hours reviewing the categories, types, and BLS/ALS management strategies for Hypoperfusion.

In conclusion: This course was offered to allow the BLS-ERT Members to better understand and be able to assist the ALS-PA. It really gives the ALS Provider a competent assistant in dire medical emergencies. It does not allow or authorise the student/graduate to provide these skills alone, without ALS.

This course is ideal for BLS Providers working alongside ALS providers such as Advanced Care Paramedics, Physician Assistants or Doctors. It’s also a great educational opportunity to expand your knowledge base, especially if you plan on taking ALS education in your future.

If you’re interested in attending this training, we will be offering the course in Edmonton in 2019/2020. Please contact us for details at:


  • EMR, PCP, LPN or ERT Member in Remote Locations
  • A good working knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology
  • A desire to learn, study, and engage in a very hands on programme

Special Note:

Successful completion of this programme does not grant, allow, or license you to apply these skills (outside of your “scope of practice”). It’s meant to be used when working alongside an ALS provider. Interested applicants are encouraged to assess if this programme is appropriate the their specific work environment, or future work/education alongside ALS.