Our International history – Greg Clarkes

For many years we’ve had the pleasure of working with international students. They’ve come from all over the world to attend courses in EMT, Trauma, and AMLS. With our training connections we’ve traveled and provided training, education, and consulting services to many locations.

In the the late 1990’s I began to take courses from the NAEMT. It was a great opportunity to learn and work with EMS professionals from the USA, and also from other countries. I took all the necessary courses and brought that information and education back to Canada. I included PHTLS, AMLS, and EPC courses into our existing EMT and Paramedic programmes we ran at that time. Around 2000 I was asked to represent the NAEMT’s educational courses as the Canadian National Coordinator. It was a volunteer role at that time, and I was eager to assist, and give back what I’d gained. In 2001 I was asked to sit on the AMLS Executive Committee. This was a real honour, as no “non-US Citizen” had ever had an EC role before.  I attended courses in the USA, EC meetings, helped write the Instructor manual, and also traveled to a number of countries to introduce AMLS. I completed my time with the AMLS EC in 2013-14. In 2015 I stepped back from my role as the Canadian Coordinator of all the certificate courses offered by the NAEMT. It was an amazing opportunity to learn, share, and help deliver quality education.

I’ve also worked with military groups in many countries in my career and consider it a real honour to have done so. Providing any medical information and training that could decrease injury or death was a privilege.



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Flight program on Amsterdam visit & an ambulance in downtown Tokyo during a conference poster presentation.

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Receiving an award in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia for introducing AMLS there. Photo with the faculty

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An great opportunity to provide AMLS to Mexico with the Navy. Dr. Vince Mosseso far right is the AMLS medical director that traveled with me.